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School Rebuilding
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Our Principles

A Better Learning Environment for Our Children

Since the start of the millennium, China has experienced rapid economic growth but many people are still living in poverty due to geographic constraints and other factors. Many schools are waiting for renovation for a safer learning environment for children. To ensure effective use of donations, we have established a set of criteria and process for school rebuilding projects.

Our Stance

  • Donations are used solely for designated project (Our administration expenses are raised separately)
  • Maintain a rigid selection standard: at least 3-time on-site inspectionn for each school rebuilding project (pre-construction, interim and completion)

Service Areas

  • Guizhou Province
  • Gansu Province
  • Yunnan Province
  • Guangdong Province
  • Guangxi Province
  • Jiangxi Province

Service Scope

  • Priority will be giving to rebuilding the main teaching block (schools that are with regular students and teachers, campus of which has been classified as Grade-D dangerous building, lack of funds from the local government). Upon completion, the original main teaching block will be used as student dorms
  • Sponsorship amount are allocated according to project scope. In most cases, donation of HK$200 – 300 thousands are enough for building a teaching block that can accommodate 200-800 teachers and students, and equipped with restrooms, staff room, school wall, playground and classrooms with blackboard, lighting and new furnitures.
  • Sponsorship amount from U-Hearts makes up 1/3 or half of the project total, outstanding amount are to be paid by local government.
  • Construction must be completed within 6-9 months after contract signing. The longest construction time allowed is 12 months.
  • Building plans and construction drawings are done by local design academy in compliance with national design and anti-earthquake standard. The rebuilt building has to obtain the certification from local government and verification from the Education Bureau. In areas prone to earthquake (e.g. Yunan and Gansu Provinces), building structure must comply with national requirement, e.g. school must be built in frame style, equipped with at least two staircases, etc.
  • Donations will be transferred in 3 instalments to monitor construction progress and quality
  • A provincial organization without conflict of interest with project stakeholders will be invited to be inspector to the project

School Rebuilding Procedure

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Donations Method

捐款支持 (學校考察、助學探訪及其他行程旅費,全由義工自行負責,不會動用捐款)

Account Name:U-Hearts /兩地一心

The Hongkong and Shanghai Bank (HKD / RMB):614-041267-838

Hang Seng Bank (HKD / RMB):363-479-056-883

Bank of China (HKD):012-866-1-005458-6

Bank of China (RMB):012-866-9-006860-8

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