Events - U-HEARTS 兩地一心
U-Hearts Events
Annual General Meeting

U-Hearts holds the Annual General Meeting (AGM) around July every year, the participants include members, volunteers and donors. The Section Committee reports the annual audit and various service reports to the participants and for public to monitor all expenses. They can understand our operation, use of donations, various service scopes and provide opinions as well. In addition, we also present “Eight-year Service Contribution Award” to the volunteers and election of new committee member every two years. Starting from 2017, Huizhou volunteers and representatives of "Cihang Charitable Association" also attend the AGM.

Fundraising Activities

U-Hearts doesn’t have any funding from the Government, Community Chest and Hong Kong Jockey Club. The large scale fundraising events are held from time to time such as SAR charity concert, charity walk, charity carnival, charity dinner, etc. Donations are used exclusively for the designated projects and the administrative costs will be raised from other source of donations.

All fundraising events disclose the income and expenditure and the coordinating volunteers to determine the allocation and use of the donations.

Volunteer Training

Volunteer workshops are held from time to time to enable the volunteers to learn and grow, to unite the old and new volunteers. The workshop content is adapted to each service scope which is organized by the coordinating volunteers and free training is provided by the professional trainers or experienced volunteers.