Caring for the Disadvantaged group
"Dreams Come True" Programme

The programme strives to improve the education for children from the lower income families and ensure these children will have fairer opportunities for development.

Through joining the programme led by our creative volunteers, the development and growth of children will be enhanced.

Mentoring Project

Trained volunteers will pay 3 home visits to children living in subdivided units or from needy families to familiarize with each other, guide and encourage children to identify and work to achieve short-term goals in daily life. Children who can achieve the goal which set at last visit will be awarded a gift in recognition to their achievement.

“A Computer for Everyone” - Computer Donation Scheme

The outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic has led to class suspension, distance learning has become the new learning mode for all students. We collect computers from donors and then gift them to children from needy families to ensure all students can do distance learning during this special time.

On Line On Goal

A series of video, short films and interactive classes at Zoom are prepared for students from needy families to ensure learning can be continued during class suspension.