Become a Member - U-HEARTS 兩地一心
Become a Member

1. Eligibility

  • aged 18 of above, regardless of sex, nationality, race, religious belief, academic qualification, physical condition, have submitted application for memberrship
  • agree with our mission and to be abide by our rules
  • have participated in any of our event within 12 months before application, and contributed at least once to enhance our operation
  • got the recommendation from at least one committee member and one member
  • have paid a one-off entrance fee of HK$300

2. Members’ Privileges

  • Eligible to attend the Annual General Meeting with the right to express opinion, propose and second to a resolution, question and vote
  • All members enjoy the right to elect and be elected in the Annual General meeting
  • All members can enjoy the facilities and welfare provided by U-Hearts

3. Members’ Obligations

  • Members shall have the obligation to observe the Constitution and rules, and act to the benefits of U-Hearts according to our mission and spirit
  • Members shall attend the Annual General Meeting and participate in the formulation and discussion on our development policy
  • Members are obliged to provide up-to-date personal particulars to U-Hearts. We will follow straight on Personal Privacy Ordinance

4. Fees

  • Members shall pay a one-off entrance fee of HKD300 upon admission
  • Changes in membership fee shall be approved in the Annual General Meeting

5. Resignation of Membership

  • A member can resign by giving a written notice of resignation to U-Hearts. All entrance fee paid shall not be refunded.

6. Membership

  • Applicant who demonstrates enthusiasm in U-Hearts development, but have membership not yet approved by Committee, can be accepted as affiliate member. An affiliate member are not eligible for member’s right but still abide by U-Hearts constitution.

7. Expulsion or Suspension of Membership

Membership may be suspended for any member who:

  • Persistently acted in a manner prejudicial to the interests of U-Hearts
  • Has persistently refused or neglected to comply with the Constitution
  • cause severe threats to the safety of any U-Hearts members
  • steal the property of U-Hearts
  • Disclose confidential information of U-Hearts willfully which cause serious damage to U-Hearts’ financial goodwill and reputation