Love Charity - Caring for the Disadvantaged group - U-HEARTS 兩地一心
Caring for the Disadvantaged group
Love Charity

Love Charity is a branch of U-Hearts formed by a group of passionate volunteers; through a series of activities, needs of disadvantaged groups will be well-attended with cares.

Cheer and Dine / Blissful Dining

30 needy families are invited to each seasonal gathering to enjoy a nice meal together and learn about different cultures, e.g. western table manner and Hong Kong-style milk tea, etc.

Guided Tours

Professional guides bring children and parents to Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark to see the beautiful natural scenery and learn geology knowledge.

Summer Leadership Training Camp

Through the 2-day-1-night training camp, students from grassroot families join mass games of different natures, training up their communication skill, self-confidence and sense of responsibility, spending a meaningful summer holiday.

Gifts for U

Volunteers from “Love Charity” team organize monthly visits distributing gift bags to around 100 needy families and 100 elderly household. Contents of the gift bags include food and daily household goods that would help the needy.