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Youth Development
U-Exchange International Exchange Tours

U-Exchange (formerly known as YOL) is a combination of service learning, experiential training and sharing. Through having real-life experience in the relatively poor environment and interaction with parties of different cultures of living conditions, we aim at nurturing the quality of youths, helping them to learn the art of perseverance, independence and appreciation.

Programme Structure

Training U-Trainings will be organized prior to the exchange tours to prepare participants’ mind so as to help them maximize their experience and growth
Exchange Tour Participants will get chances to meet local students, join volunteer services for the school and needy organization and visit local cultural sites etc.
Sharing sessions are organized each night under the guidance of experienced trainers, accompanied by school teachers and U-Hearts volunteers.
Follow up After the exchange tour, participants will be invited to join sharing sessions on their learning experience during the trip.

Past Experience

During 2005-2015, organized exchange tours to poor mountainous areas in China annually, receiving overwhelming response from our youth participants and parents, with around 100 students aged 13-17 and 50 volunteers participating each year. Most of the destinations coincided with our school rebuilding project sites, including Yunnan, Guizhou, Jiangxi and Gansu.

2005 “A Different Journey” Guangxi Province
2006 “Sky, Earth, People” Gansu Province
2007 “In One Sky” Guizhou Province
2008 “Live to Give” Guangxi Province
2010 “Paint the Rainbow” Jiangxi Province
2011 “Heart to Heart, Let Dreams Fly” Guizhou Province
2012 “Love & Harmony” Guangxi Province
2013 “Walk with Love & Dream” Guangxi Province
2014 “Under the Blue Sky” Gansu Province
2015 “New Generation Blossom” Yunnan Province