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Services in mainland China
Bringing Love to Mountainous Areas

We strive to offer an all-round solution to improve the education condition in remote areas, while sponsoring senior secondary school students and rebuilding schools are main focus of our work, we also provide a range of complementary assistance including donation of books, computers and sports equipment and setting up facilities such as washroom, playground, enclosing walls, giving out quilts and subsidizing the life of orphans, etc.

Our different volunteer teams "Ride At U-Hearts", "Love & Drive Project", "Love Charity", "Sunshine In The Rain" work together with our donors to provide comprehensive assistance in the areas of our school rebuilding and student sponsorship.

Service Scope

  • Donation of teaching equipment (e.g. computers, books and desks, etc.)
  • Subsidizing complementary facilities (e.g. building washrooms, playgrounds, wells and street lights, etc.)
  • Financial aids to students from poor families
  • Other assistance (e.g. donation of quilts etc.)

Love & Drive Project

The team is formed by a group of 4 Wheel-Drive fans who share a passion in serving the community. Since 2014, the team has been participating actively in our service in the mountainous areas, joining home visit and bring love to students. Leveraging on the hill climbing ability of 4WD, the team bring gifts and caring to students and teachers living in remote areas that are not reachable by other vehicles.

Besides, the team organizes a 3-day-2-night training and sightseeing trip for around 30 teachers from Jiangxi Province to Huizhou every year as a reward to their hard work.

Walking Companion to School

Many students living in remote areas of China still have to spend over an hour walking to and from school every day, this programme targets to nurture understanding on the living and learning condition of these students. Volunteers gain first-hand experience and by spending two days with kids in remote areas, accompanying them to return home after school on the first day, spending a night at the students’ home and walk with them to school the next day.

Sunshine In The Rain

This programme aims to relieve the pressure of students from poor families and those who face accidents through providing urgent subsidies at materials and monetary level, just like sunshine in the rain. Besides, SITR also promotes setting up library corners in schools rebuilt by U-Hearts to enhance students’ learning ability.

Statistics on Library in Mountainous Areas Project

62 library corners have been established under this project since 2011.

Province Yunnan Gansu Guizhou Guangdong Guangxi Jiangxi Total
Total 8 13 4 8 19 10 62

Visits to Mountainous Areas

Donation and visits to areas of our school rebuilding or student sponsorship are organized from time to time to provide urgent aids to students, such as providing subsidies to orphans and students from poor families, donating complementary equipment such as computer, table tennis table, sports equipment and building facilities such as washrooms, playgrounds, retaining walls, heat insulation, wells, street lights, etc.