Background - About Us - U-HEARTS 兩地一心
About Us
Our Beginning

Starting from 2001, our group of volunteers have been making ways to help improve the education of the impoverished mountainous area of China. Later, a donor suggested we should organize activities that can benefit both the students in the mountainous areas and the youths in Hong Kong. Therefore, we have started organizing youth exchange programmes, bringing youths from Hong Kong to experience the living and learning environment in the mountainous areas, through which they can learn to treasure what they have and build up fortitude.

The youth exchange programmes were well-received by participants and have eventually led us to register as an official charitable organization – U-Hearts in 2005.

Our status

Established in 2005, U-Hearts is a registered charitable organization (IRD No.: 91/7836) formed by a group of volunteers who got a passion in youth education and helping the elderly and the disadvantaged groups in the community. Our services range from youth development and exchange programmes, assistance to the disadvantaged group and elderly, secondary school student sponsorship in mainland China, school rebuilding, donation of education equipment and poverty alleviation. All funds are raised from kind individual donors in society without any government funding.


  • To build a platform for the sustainable development of the youths to boost their commitment and devotion to the nation and society as a whole.
  • To provide subsidies to youths of Hong Kong and mainland China to improve their learning environments and conditions and uplift the quality of education, empowering the youths with knowledge.
  • To care for the disadvantaged local communities, including low-income families and the elderly, and create an inclusive and companionable community.
  • To support and attend the needs of schools and teachers in those backward areas, to improve their teaching facilities & environments.

The Principles

  • With no political and religious affinity but only a devotion to serve the needy, we are practical in creating the greatest value for the youth and the disadvantaged groups.
  • Donations are used exclusively for designated projects. No fund will be spent on administration unless specified by the donor. Volunteers are responsible for all administrative expenses that may incur in site visits including travelling expenses.
  • A general meeting is held each year, in which financial statement and reports on different projects will be presented to members. Audited financial reports will be uploaded to our official website for public to monitor all expenses.
  • Volunteers are encouraged to take lead in all projects, while U-Hearts will provide administrative assistance; we also partner with other voluntary and charitable organizations to optimize shared resources.