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Become a Volunteer

How to Become a U-Hearts Volunteer?

U-Hearts is a free platform who allow everyone who is willing to serve, regardless of qualifications and social status, to contribute to the growth of youths.

As U-Hearts grows and variety of activities expands, our team of volunteers grows with us. Our volunteers come from different sectors and possess different skills and experiences, but we all have one thing in common: a shared vision and mission.

In order to maximize the power of each volunteer’s contribution we must all be abide by the same rules and code of conduct.

Volunteer Code of Rules

  • Understand the mission of U-hearts
  • Abide by the stance of U-hearts
  • Adhere to the rules of each activity
  • Have no personal interest in nor benefit in any form by participation
  • Agree to take responsibility for your own health and personal safety

Join us:

  • Email or call us for details
  • Attend U-Hearts event meetings
  • Come and visit to learn more

Come and visit to learn more