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To establish a platform for sustainable educational development by offering young people in Hong Kong and China chances to get to know each other and learn from their two cultures and different living style. Through a variety of exchange activities, we hope to widen their horizons, foster a positive spirit and encourage a greater commitment to the country and society.

To provide financial support to young people in Hong Kong and China, we target to improve their learning environment and enhance their quality of education.

To improve the learning environment of schools in poverty regions of the Mainland

Our Stance

We maintain neutrality on politics and religious issues, our only target is to create value for young people in Hong Kong and China.

We work to ensure all donations are used properly for designated projects and students. We maintain a rigid process of approval and checks. Each school building site is visited at least three times before, during and at the completion of construction with proper interim progress reports. Sponsored students are visited by our volunteers in person to verify their progress and random visits are made to student homes

We encourage participants of our youth exchange programme to participate in our various service projects to nurture a spirit of contribution

Administration expenses are raised separately from donations for other purposes. Expenses on visits are borne by participating volunteers of individual projects.

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Donations Method

捐款支持 (學校考察、助學探訪及其他行程旅費,全由義工自行負責,不會動用捐款)

Account Name:U-Hearts /兩地一心

The Hongkong and Shanghai Bank (HKD / RMB):614-041267-838

Hang Seng Bank (HKD / RMB):363-479-056-883

Bank of China (HKD):012-866-1-005458-6

Bank of China (RMB):012-866-9-006860-8

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