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Student Sponsorship
Sponsorship Criteria

Sponsorship Criteria

  • 學生家庭年均收入低於國家農村收入指數,即人民幣2300元
  • Home visits to sponsorship applicant
  • Recommend student to donors to confirm sponsorship

Sponsorship Amount

  • A maximum sponsorship amount for RMB1500 for each student each year, until the student finishes senior secondary school education
  • A one-off sponsorship of RMB2,000-3,000 will be awarded to students who enter Grade-2 universities as form of encouragement

Approval Standard

  • Application form must have applicant’s recent photo and result of last semester, and signed by the school and the Education Bureau
  • Student’s information will be verified by interview and home visits


  • All paid sponsorship has to be confirmed with the signature of parents, schools and the Education Bureau upon receipt
  • Full sponsorship amount will be paid to the local Education Bureau, and with receipt issued as confirmation
  • Schools has to submit the report card of sponsored students bi-annually, to ensure the students are with satisfactory attendance
  • Volunteers visit sponsored students annually, to offer encouragement and support to student
Calendar of Events
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Donations Method

捐款支持 (學校考察、助學探訪及其他行程旅費,全由義工自行負責,不會動用捐款)

Account Name:U-Hearts /兩地一心

The Hongkong and Shanghai Bank (HKD / RMB):614-041267-838

Hang Seng Bank (HKD / RMB):363-479-056-883

Bank of China (HKD):012-866-1-005458-6

Bank of China (RMB):012-866-9-006860-8

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