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Youth Exchange Program
Programme Structure

To create a youth exchange programme of visits to remote mountainous areas of China and through a variety of activities foster an increased understanding of different people among the participants, increase their confidence and help them become independent and responsible leaders.


To let participating teenagers and their parents understand the nature of our organization and programme activities

Leader & Volunteer Training Camps

To build team spirit among leaders and volunteer teams and prepare them better for a success by increasing their understanding and communication skills

Youth Leadership Training Camp

To establish interpersonal relationships among participants, leaders and volunteer teams, build trust and team spirit and nurture their sense of giving and contribution to others

Exchange Tour

Visits to rural mountain schools with learning and cultural exchange programmes with local students and teachers including home visits, study and sharing groups, allowing teenagers of different backgrounds to learn from each other.

Sharing Session

Allow participants, leaders and volunteers to share their feelings after the events with their parents and interested parties.

Post-Trip Training Programme (Youth Leader Action)

A three-month training programme, enabling those teenagers who complete the exchange program to continue to grow, and learn for life in every aspect, extend their leadership skills and contribute to the society.

Calendar of Events
Events This event is ended
Donations Method

捐款支持 (學校考察、助學探訪及其他行程旅費,全由義工自行負責,不會動用捐款)

Account Name:U-Hearts /兩地一心

The Hongkong and Shanghai Bank (HKD / RMB):614-041267-838

Hang Seng Bank (HKD / RMB):363-479-056-883

Bank of China (HKD):012-866-1-005458-6

Bank of China (RMB):012-866-9-006860-8

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